Your Road to GMP Expert in gempex China!

Working@gempex China

gempex China supports leading companies in the life science industry with the implementation of quality requirements according to GMP – good manufacturing practices. Professional consultancy and support are the main activities. From initial concept studies to qualification and validation, to supporting routine activities. In short: full support for all matters related to the customer’s ongoing GMP operations.

Exciting, varied tasks and projects await you as an employee. The dynamic development of gempex as a midsize service provider allows you to assume responsibility and put your motivation to use. You have access to established, national and international practical experience through networking with experts. We assign a partner to new employees according to the mentoring concept. In addition to an attractive work environment, a friendly atmosphere, good compensation in a permanent position and social benefits are a matter of course for us.

Life@gempex China

Values put into practice by gempex are reliability and loyalty, openness and transparency, mutual esteem and creativity. Join gempex, we are an inclusive highlighted by respect, collaboration, open and honest communication and diverse culture. We offer long-term adventure, daily reward, training and opportunity to carve out a unique and vibrant career. We provide you as follows: Insurance and Housing Fund, Commercial Insurance,11 days paid annual leave, Annual bonus, Annual body check, Annual travelling, Holiday benefit, Teambuding and Irregularly high tea.