【gempex Lecture】The Points of Materials and the Management of Suppliers

As the pharmaceutical manufacturers:

1.  Do you know about the kinds, standard and management requirements for materials?

2.  Do you know what kinds of the management for material suppliers are? What are their processes?


If you also have the above confusion, be sure to watch the live lecture tomorrow.

1.    The Invitation 


This is the live course co-operated by gempex China and BBS.

The lecture name
The Points of Materials and the management of suppliers 

The lecture time
Start at 19
30 on July 292020

The Lecturer 
GMP consultant Mr. Situ

The Registration channel
Scan the below code by WeChat 


2.    The brief of lecture 


Explain the kinds and standards of materials

Analyze the points of management, operation and precautions for material 

How to manage the material suppliers and audit them


3.    The introduction of lecturer


 Lecturer:GMP consultant_Mr. Situ

17 years working experience, with over ten-year GMP consulting experience

Participate in a lot of domestic and foreign GMP audits, training, and Q&V projects

Familiar with GMP compliance, multiple validation training and equipment validation, etc.