gempex invited to attend the 2018 annual conference of China Pharmaceutical Engineering Committee

The 2018 annual conference of Engineering Committee of China Pharmaceutical Association was held in Suzhou on 30 August. The conference discussed about the situation and trends of the pharmaceutical industry against a background of the implementation of the Chinese new policies. There were three selected subjects respectively focusing on IND & NDA, Innovative Technology of Pharmaceutical Engineering, and Intelligent Manufacturing of Pharma Industry.

Although internationalization of final drug dosage forms has been become an important policy of Chinese pharmaceutical industry, there still are a lot of difficulties in bringing new products to the international market. We can obviously see the positive development of technology and GMP practices in Chinese pharmaceutical industry, as Mr. Ralf Gengenbach said, “I share Chinese industry dynamics to my German or other European customers, telling them more and more strong Chinese pharmaceutical companies are having or going to build world class of GMP plants and some of those facilities even exceed in quality on what the European companies have. However, we also need to recognize the fact that the failure rate in bringing products to market is still high due to the gap of GMP lived practices between Chinese companies and the western companies.

As the only invited international GMP consultant, Mr. Ralf Gengenbach shared his experience in the most relevant topics regarding Tech-Transfer, Qualification and GMP Compliance.