IT Quality System Establishment

gempex provides the IT system drafting services!


The establishment of IT system is used to manage the whole process of computerized system life cycle. The establishment of a good system can not only help enterprises through the official or regular audits, but also help them reduce the time and cost required for system compliance. What’s more, it can bring benefits in risk management, change management, configuration management and data traceability. Finally, it provides the maximum support for the production.


gempex has 20+ experience in IT system establishment services. gempex can provide the IT system documents drafting or review for the of customers. The service covers but is not limited to the following:



  • IT Management 
  • IT Risk Assessment 
  • IT Supplier Management 
  • IT Validation Management
  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • IT Operation and Maintenance Management
  • Electronic Data Management
  • IT Business Continuity Management
  • IT Change Control Procedure
  • IT Retired Management
  • IT Audit Trail Management
  • Electronic Record and Electronic Signature Management
  • IT Limited Management 
  • IT Security Policy
  • Electronic Table Management and Validation 
  • Data Lifecycle Management
  • Data Risk Assessment Procedures
  • Data Integrity Management 




  • Compliance documents for the main stream market IT and data management 
  • Practical system documents, easy for daily maintenance
  • The customizing documents, avoiding the repetitive work and reduce internal workload