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The Bridge to China – German Expertise On-Site in Asia

The international pharmaceuticals business without Asia would be unthinkable today. China as the world’s second-largest pharmaceuticals market after the USA plays a particularly important role. Not only the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products for the western market but also for China itself is significant. This makes international and Chinese regulations equally important.

This is where gempex China Ltd. together with the gempex GMP experts from Germany builds a bridge, converging the culture, language and knowledge of various GMP requirements. Helps western companies make their production in China compliant. Provides support to make Chinese job-order manufacturers and suppliers fit for the western market. Conducts 3rd-party audits, gap analyses and improvement programs as needed.

Originally founded as the joint venture “gemro Services Ltd.”, the company now operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of gempex GmbH and offers local know-how directly on site in Guangzhou, China. Employees in Europe and the Far East work together closely. gempex China offers its customers close contacts with the US FDA, cFDA, EMA, EDQM and national authorities.


gempex China Ltd.

GuangZhou site: Room 1812 Huapu Square, West Tower Huaming Rd.9, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Suzhou site: Room 3032 Jinhe Square, Huachi Rd.88, Suzhou Industry Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China  

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